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Holiday Club
What does a morning look like?

Each day once all the children are in and safely registered, we gather together for a session all together. In this session we will sing some songs, do some challenges, hear from some of the characters involved in the story, and found out about the theme for the day.
After that, we go in to our small groups and do a mixture of things.  There will be the opportunity to do some craft, have refreshments and spend some time thinking about and learning from the Bible story that we've had in the first session.
Before lunch we come back together for the drama, feedback on what we have been learning, have a further challenge or two, then sing some more songs that fit in with our theme.

What happens in the afternoon

Everyone brings their own lunch and we eat together in our small groups, taking time to recover from an action packed morning.
We begin the afternoon as we did the morning spending a short time together, having some fun challenges for each team to do.
We then go back in to small groups where we will play some themed games.  These are specially designed so that all the children are involved, and there will be a mixture of active, thoughtful, strategic and quiet games which are brilliantly run by our teenage junior leaders (under adult supervision). If the weather is good, we will play some wet games towards the end of the week.
After some refreshments, we gather together again, to think through the theme of the day, solve any puzzles and complete any challenges that remain. We will then sing some final songs together

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